Team Captain Tool Kit

Thanks For Being a Team Captain!

Every Bike to Work Challenge participant is a important part of the competition, but you are SUPERstar. We’re thrilled that you’re a leader at your organization and want to help you and your team succeed! The resources below will help you recruit team members and promote the Bike to Work Challenge and Active Transportation’s mission for better biking in Chicagoland.


What does a Team Captain do?

The Team Captain is their team’s biggest cheerleader; the Pied Piper of bike commuting, if you will. Team Captain also can add/delete team members, send out team communications and challenge other teams. They encourage their teams to commute by bike, set up group rides, act as a resource for bike commuting safety, tips and maintenance and even set up a team happy hours or similar spirited events. Want to make T-shirts? Awesome!


Tips for Being an Awesome Team Captain


  • Spread the Word: Don't just set up a team and leave it at that! Let the whole office know you're in it to win it. You can use the email template below to let your coworkers know you set up a team, and be sure to hang up our Bike to Work Challange poster all around the office.
  • Communicate Often: Once you've got a good group signed up, be sure to communicate often! You can use our Team Communications feature when logged in to send out important information to your riders. Is one of your competitors logging more miles than you? Encourage your team to keep peddling! Notice that some of your riders haven't logged miles but you've seen them walking into work with their helmet? Let them know they could be entered into a daily drawings to win sweet bike swag just by logging their trips.
  • Schedule Group Rides: Some folks at your office may be a little nervous to hop on a bike and ride to work. But riding with a group may help them feel a little more comfrotable trying it out and logging points for your team! If you want to be a rockstar Team Captain, set up a few group rides to help those bike commuting newbies give it a shot. Just pick a time and location to meet up and show them the ropes out on the road.
  • Visit Pit Stops with Your Team: Did you know that you can log the miles you ride to visit one of our pit stops? That means more points for your team so encourage the whole office to swing by! Grab a cup of Dark Matter Coffee, Clif Bars, and other cool sponsor gear on your way into the office. Or, if you're not a morning person, round up your coworkers for a group ride to one of our evening pit stops, grab a beer, and watch those points trickle in.


Resources to Promote the Challenge

Bike to Work Challange Poster
Team Captain Training PowerPoint


How-To Documents to Share with Your Riders


Email: Copy, paste and email to your co-workers.

Subject: Join our Bike to Work Challenge Team!

Hey there!

I've just created a company team for the Bike to Work Challenge and I hope you'll join me!

If you’ve never participated in the Bike to Work Challenge, it's an awesome, two-week competition among Chicagoland companies to see who can earn the most points by biking to work. Don't worry, if you've never bike commuted before it's easy, safe and fun! The Bike to Work Challenge website has all the tools and resources you need to feel comfortable riding to work.

Plus, it's FREE to participate and you don't have to bike every day, or even the entire way to work. Just making one trip by bike between June 15 and June 28 will help out team.

Excited yet? Register now for a chance to win prizes, participate in events and help our team claim the top spot as number one bicycling organization in Chicagoland!

To join our team, just search for [TEAM NAME] during registration. Follow these steps to join a team if you get stuck!

Let me know if I can answer any questions!

(your name)