So, how do you earn points? Here’s the nitty gritty:

First Time Bike Commuter = 25 points (check the new rider box during registration!)

1 Mile = 1 point (receive one point for each mile you ride) All milage will be complied into one daily trip log.

5 Days = 50 points (must be 5 consecutive trips including weekends)

Metra Bike Car = 30 bonus points by using Metra (only once during the Challenge) We've partnered with Metra and you can earn BIG extra points if you include the Metra Bike Car during one of your commutes. Use it to shorten a bike ride because maybe you already crushed 20 miles, or perhaps rain is coming up in the forecast but you still want to ride your bike later or perhaps you are just exploring the region and the dozens of beautiful Chicagoland bike trails accessible by Metra. Simply take a photo of yourself on the Bike Car (with a thumbs up) and email it to bikechi@activetrans.org and we will add the 30 bonus points to your trip log for that day. It's easy, fun, and it puts your team one step closer to victory! (30 bonus points only valid one time.) Learn more about the Bike Car's routes and schedules!