Point System

So, how do you earn points? Here’s the nitty gritty:

First Time Bike Commuter = 25 points (be sure to check the new rider box during registration!)

1 Mile = 1 point (receive one point for each mile you ride)

Per Trip = 5 points (max of 10 points per day - to and from work)

5 Days = 50 points (must be 5 consecutive trips including weekends)

Per Referral = 10 points (more details below)

Signup with Referral Code = 5 points (more details below)


Referral Points

Do you know someone who likes to bike or is curious about biking to work? Earn extra points by encouraging others to sign up for the Bike to Work Challenge!

Just complete our Referral Point form (coming soon!) and we'll send you a unique code to share with others. You'll receive 10 points for each rider who signs up using your code, and they will receive 5 points (hey, they need an incentive to use the code too!). We'll track the number of times your code was used and add points to your score at the end of the challenge.

Don't think you can pull a fast one and sign up your entire team with your code though! Only riders outside of your organization will count toward your referral point total.